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   After finishing his second album illusions , Hassan decided to record the third album               " Entropia"  based on his new philosophy he created . The album is based on the world of Entropia Hassan came with through his outstanding look to life and it's surrounding . He saw that life is based on creativity and not logic , as logic is the make of humans , yet creativity is the make of the creator . He draws through his imagination a world where people don't use numbers or words , they just speak through emotions and creativity . As he states , Language is the barrier of humans to understand emotions . According to Entropia , numbers and technological advancement that is based on numbers is for the destruction of humanity not the opposite , yet through creative advancement and arts there will be no war , where humans will be drowned by there emotions to there arts not thinking about numbers or how to sell it for numbers , yet they will live for the goal of creating for the sake of love and not money or any numerical values (fame , riches ..)

This album will include Entropic sounds of his gifted Avant-Garde skills on the guitar . As he usually adds a mystic vibe to his music based on his mystic nature , he also will do his best to transform the experience into more transcending state of mind and spirit . 

" Entropia will be the best composed album i will create so far , as I mixed different genres like spanish , classical , jazz , avant-garde , middle eastern , andalusian and ancient music  ..   in every one track which was challenging to me . I love to speak every world music language in this album , and i'll do my best to make you understand". Hassan Ismail