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Hassan is a Self Taught Mystic Avant-Jazz guitarist with spanish fusion in his touch . Raised in Beirut Lebanon , he was always passionate of making this world better , especially after the hard times he experienced in the middle east of war tragedy . After his father's death the musician didn't give up on his passion  making this world better , and he decided to turn it into music . He started learning The guitar alone and he realized he was able to compose music the first moment he touched the instrument  . People around him where amazed by his creations and from there it gave him more confidence to perform and record . Hassan is also a philosopher in nature  , he created a philosophy called "Entropia" where he believes that Chaos and disorder are part of the overall equilibrium in the human life . Moreover he was able to turn his philosophies into musical compositions . At the age of 23 He had the chance to fly to the united states after a successful journey in broadcasting his music on a live platform called YouNow , where he gained more than 100k fanbase that were fond of his music . He now has 2 recorded albums , the First is called "The Ancient" and the second is "Illusions" and working on recording his third Album "Entropia" .The musician resides now in Phoenix Arizona amazed by the beauty of it's sunsets and hills .

"Finding Harmony in chaos was one of my main missions in life , the harmony of chaos in music , the order of the disorder."
Hassan Ismail